The Father
We believe God the Father is the one true God and loving creator, just and merciful.

Therefore we will completely depend upon Him and reflect His character through sacrificial love and obedience.

We believe Jesus is God’s only Son and the only way to the Father.

Therefore we will lovingly proclaim this truth, seeking the lost wherever we are and making disciples.

The Holy Spirit
We believe the Holy Spirit is God, within Christ-followers, who guides into all truth.

Therefore we will follow Him and live by His power

The Bible
We believe the Bible is God’s perfect and complete word and is absolute truth for eternal life in Jesus.

Therefore we will study and teach it faithfully and live by its principles.

The Church
We believe the church is the living body of Christ, unified to do His work on earth.

Therefore we will exercise our unique gifts together to develop disciples of Jesus.

We believe worship is humbly declaring God’s worth through loving obedience and joyful praise.

Therefore we will live our lives to show that He is our God

We believe prayer is intentional and continual communication with God.
Therefore we will develop a culture of intimacy with God, praying individually and with others.

For a more detailed description of our church’s beliefs, please see Statement of Faith