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The first gathering of believers under the name of Grenada Community Church took place in July, 1956. Two young men from Portland, Oregon, came to Grenada and held Vacation Bible School. The VBS stirred an interest in the community for a church, with the result that, on June 4, 1962, the Grenada Community Church was officially incorporated. The congregation originally affiliated with Village Missions.

In 1968 the church purchased the land we currently occupy, and built a new building (the current Children’s Wing), occupied on May 14, 1972. Under the ministry of Pastor Bob and Pat Daniels, the church grew to around 100. In an exercise of faith, the congregation built a new Auditorium, (the current Youth room & Library) and occupied it in December of 1978. The church chose to join the Berean Fellowship in 1984. The new Worship Center was completed in 2004, and occupied on Easter Sunday that year.

Pastor John and Debbie Wetzig led the church from 1984-2016. Benji Hall who had been the youth pastor since December of 2008 is now the lead pastor. Daniel Haller was hired to serve as the associate pastor of youth and young adults in July 2018.

Grenada Community Berean Church is governed by a Board of Elders. The original Board was selected from the membership by the West Coast District at the recommendation of the church body. Additional members are selected by the current Board, and serve as long as they are willing and are in agreement with the church doctrine and Constitution.

The pastors also are members of the Board, with the Lead Pastor acting as the Chairman. All other committees of the church function under the oversight of the Board of Elders.