mountain hikerWe’ve reached the dog-days of summer. Maybe that should be spelled ‘daze’. The heat is oppressive, it’s tough to sleep, and I feel just like kicking back and doing nothing. Motivation is tough in the hot weather. I wonder how I’ll be in India, where it is 98 degrees and raining, and cools off to a brisk 85 at night.

Actually, though, it reminds me of my Christian walk. There are times when it just gets tough to stay motivated. Maybe it’s a lack of pressure or problems, but sometimes I just want to kick back and let the world go on without my involvement. I get tired of doing the same thing day after day, week after week, month after month… you know how that is, don’t you.

But then something happens to remind me that what I’m called to do is critically important. A word of appreciation from an unexpected source; a cry for help from someone that I didn’t realize needed help; a special time with the Lord. And suddenly I find my energy again. Suddenly I’m motivated to be all that I can be for the Lord.

Thank God for those special times. We need them in our lives. Times that challenge us, times that reawaken us, times that motivate us.

But what do you do between those times? William Carey, early missionary to India, said, “I can

plod and persevere in any given endeavor.” Sometimes we just have to keep on keeping on. The Christian life isn’t a whole bunch of ‘highs’, of challenges and exciting events. It’s mostly just doing what we’ve been given to do, and keeping on doing it.

Last week we took 38 kids to Indian Scotty for camp. On the way home, I saw a farm worker raking hay. The field was huge, and he was just starting to turn the hay. I wonder how many hours he had left. And that was just one field. But he kept working, kept driving, because if he didn’t, he’d never get the hay up, and never be able to sell it, and never be able to feed his family.

Plodding. Not too exciting, is it? Not romantic, not eventful, but that’s what the Bible calls “faithfulness”. That’s one of the fruits of the Spirit. It’s also referred to as “perseverance” or “endurance”, traits that Peter, Paul and James (not Peter, Paul and Mary) challenge us to add to our faith.

I wish it was always exciting, always eventful, always stimulating. But as you read the Bible, most of the lives of the heroes of faith was spent plodding.

So let’s plod on. Let’s be faithful. If God has given you a task, fulfill it to the best of your ability. Seek the presence of the Lord in it. Seek to serve Him through it.

It’s a long way to the end of the field. But only when we finish the course will there be a crown of righteousness awaiting us in glory. (2 Timothy 4:7-8)

Pastor John Wetzig

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