rememberJohn and I were walking down a country road in northeast India with some of our Indian friends. It was late afternoon and the colors of the blue sky against the green of the rice paddies and brown mud of the dykes surrounding them created a pleasant backdrop to great conversations. The farmers were herding their goats and prodding their cattle back home with sticks. Their wives and children were also hurrying home to their simple suppers cooked over an outside fire!. For them, it was a daily reality.

I wanted to capture this scene forever. For us, it was one of those special moments that won’t be repeated and I didn’t want to lose its savor. By the end of the walk it was only a memory.

The value of remembering came sharply into focus with recent happenings in our lives. Losing three of our parents, who were very much mentors, created a desire to know more about the legacy that they left. We are discovering a wonderful heritage of their godly lives as we sort through their files and belongings. Our visit to Washington DC in June reminded us of the Christian roots of our nation. We left knowing that freedom, especially freedom of religion,

has a price tag attached to it. Our time in Switzerland (my ancestral home) on the way home from India opened our eyes to the history of my family and their determination to live their lives by God’s Word.

Our God calls us to remember. He says, “Remember the former things long past, for lam God and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me.” Isaiah 46:9 He is eternal and all of history is His Story.

In contrast, the idols that are fashioned by man have no history, no legacy. They are often made in multiples to make a profit. There is nothing about them to remember or learn by. And they don’t hear, see or understand. They are lifeless.

The writer of Ecclesiastes implores us to “Remember also your Ceator in the days of your youth youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, “I have no delight in them.” Ecclesiastes 12:1 Our eyes will grow dim, our bodies will suffer pain and other trials will come into our life. Our God is the One to remember! He is not just a “memory” but He is the true living God that is with us in the present and will be there for all of eternity!

Debbie Wetzig