Grenada Community Youth Group

         Romans 10: 17

           “So faith comes from hearing and hearing

            through the word of Christ.”

What we do: Teach, train and disciple the next generation of Church leaders. We value teaching our youth through Christ focused, biblical preaching. We value training our youth by giving them opportunities to help them bring out their spiritual gifts. We value discipling our youth through every situation they come across. To do these three will prepare them for the future and whatever God calls them to do we are confident that they will be the next generation of church leaders. Our desire is that students in grades 7-12 make a decision to follow Christ, learn how to live for Christ, and ultimately reach their schools and the world with the gospel of Christ. We work alongside parents, who are the most important influencers in their student’s lives.
Youth Group: This is our main group for students in grades 7-12. It is held each Sunday night at the church from 5:30-8 pm. We play games, build friendships, worship through music, and learn from God’s Word. Youth Group is crafted so that all students can feel comfortable no matter their background.
Along with regular scheduled youth group that is on Sunday, we also provide a variety of events and youth retreats that teens can get involved in. For more information about what is coming up check out the youth group schedule!  
Insurance/Medical Form & Permission Form We desire to provide a safe and holistic environment at youth group and on our retreats where students and parents have the assurance their teen is protected. One way of doing that is by having parents/guardians fill out the insurance/medical form and permission form. The insurance/medical forms must be updated every two years. The purpose of this form being filled out is to inform Grenada Community Berean Church about medical information, allergy information as well as approval or disapproval for Grenada Community Berean Church to post pictures of your teen(s) on social media and our website. The permission form must be completed for every retreat or event we travel to. The purpose of this form being filled out is to ensure that your teen(s) have permission to go to said event and in the event that something happens Grenada Community Berean Church will not be liable and that the insurance that is provided will be used to cover the injuries.
To stay up to speed on current events, we encourage students and parents to sign up for the Remind App Text Messages. You don’t need a smart phone to sign up for this feature and all you do is text @grenadac to 81010.


To print out our Insurance/Medical Form, Permission Form and our Winter Schedule, simply click the links below!


Winter Schedule 2017